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Kennel for Entlebucher Cattledogs and Greater Swiss Mountaindogs


Beau Michelle von Oberlankern
January, 22 2001, Died August 13th 2009.
(from Michelle -
The Beatles 1965).

F.C.I.-Standard (X-Ray results):
- Hip Dysplasia (HD): HD-V
- Shoulder Dysplasia (OCD): OCD
- Ellbow Dysplasia (ED): Grad III

I am the anchor of our Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
I joined Igor (my father), Lovely and Jude in March 2001.
Lovely and Jude did not take much interest in my but Igor right on. Not so strange since I am his daughter.
My mother is named Elina von Lowenhain and lives in Haminkleln-Dingden (Germany).
Like I said I can get on really well with Igor. This ended very suddenly after 3 years: Igor died a sudden death (age 10 years) on November, 1 2003).
Without him I am the greatest ('largest') Greater Swiss Mountain dog of our litter, I hope to be proud of that for a long time to come...