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Lovely van Rouben Sent
May, 5th 1998 - died November, 16th 2009
(from Lovely Rita -
The Beatles 1967).

F.C.I.-Standard (X-Ray results):
- Hip Dysplasia (HD): Free
- Shoulder Dysplasia (OCD): Free
- Ellbow Dysplasia (ED): Free

Lovely was always there, for us and for the other Moutaindogs!
That is how we keep her in mind.
She is resting now. We buried Lovely.

Lovely gained as the fist of her race the
SSV die Ausdauerprüfung stufe 1,
2 und 3 (going as far as 20 km along the bike).
Lovely brought an excellent heritage..
Lovely was the AplhaDog for a long time at our place.

I am kind of jalous for the story of Caruso. My name is Lovey and I think of myself of much more beautiful. I was raised in Alken - Belgum. That was the first 9 weeks by my mother

Litchie des Joyeuses Gambades.
As well as by my father, for a little bit - Lotelhan’s Nero.
10 Days young, I knew in my sleep what my choice was going to be: Ruud und Maurice, off course.
But that was just for a little while, after arriving in Voerendaal I did not see them standing anymore. I was just interested in Caruso. He allows me everything, my bosses don't.
So now you see why I am jalous on Caruso.

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