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Kennel for Entlebucher Cattledogs and Greater Swiss Mountaindogs


Kennel Karhunkierros


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Our story . . .

We as well as our dogs are adventurers and we live in Voerendaal, the South East end of the Netherlands. We walk a lot (in our neighborhoud there a several nices hikings) though a light hilly landscape.
If you read the name - Karhunkierros -
you think: what would that mean?
A lot to us and that you might tell from the next story:
We are enchanted by Finland, especially the calmth, the loniness and its windeness.
Maurice walks daily to our Chalethouse. That lies up high so one can see the marvellous sight over Germany and Belgum and of course (directly around) The Netherlands.
In August 1994 we were on holiday, with our greater swiss mountaindog (Pinot von Ayala) in Finland.

A long boattrip brought us to Helsinki. At once we drove to the Oulanka National Park, close to Kuusamo.
Often there we meet the owners of other Cattledog and Mountaindogs. After gathering experience over many about Entlebucher Cattledogs and Greater Swiss Mountaindogs, we look forward every time to a next litter.
The dogs we breed apply to the F.C.I.-Standard for breeding.
a little beneath the Polarcircle, close to the Russian border. In this areas we hiked from hut to hut.

Up the mountain, down the mountain Bergauf, across Hanging bridges, bading through the water and so on... After the first day we understood: this was going to be a tough week.

  When a Finnish couple explained to us what Karhunkierros (the trail name) means, we scared: Big Bear.

In other word: this hike suits only people and dogs with a bear condition.

  We live to tell this hike.

Years later, February 1997, our Pinot, much too young, died from a stomach torsion.

That's the why of our Kennel name.