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Dame-Jude von der Singold - 7-7-1998
(from Hey Jude - The Beatles 1967)

07 - 07 - 07

Also for me, Dame Jude, a special date!

How come, you would think.
I would have become 9 years old, today.
Unfortunately this was not to happen.
Whitsunday I suddenly died in mij backyard, after having playing nicely with Helter.
My heart stopped beating just like that.
I can assure you I left very nice memories behind!
These memories will be bared in mind with Maurice and Ruud forever.
Often they remember me, especially when they are on the Trintelen domain, where I was buried.

And of course they remember me today on:

07 - 07 - 2007.

F.C.I. Standard
R ö n t g e n e x a m i n a t i o n

Dysplasie of








E y e - e x a m i n a t i o n
[one a year necessary for
Entlebucher Cattledogs]

November, 8th 2004







At last I get to tell you my story. I am Dame-Jude and come from Langerringen - Germany.
I don't like to speak about the first 9 weeks, when I was raised by my mother Cora vom Adamsberg.
Why, you would ask?
In my litter I was shameless, at least that is what my mother Cora thought, always correcting my behaviour. After 10 days I sniffed an interesting smell: 2 gentlemen.
Then I knew I was going to behave better. After 8 weeks those 2 men took me.
Once I arrived in Voerendaal I took I could misbehave once more. A big mistake: there lived 2 greater swissies as well.

They explained to me what I had to do (and what not). Kind of a disappointment in the beginning: they bit me inthe ears and legs. But now I am a little bit older so can I can bite back with my much sharper teeth.